a small icon post - but with jericho icons so it's quite a special one :) i became absolutely in love with this show. the jen garner icons are from final round of jennifer_lims where i won, which is so amazing :)) i tried some new things this time, a lot of texture use so any feedback is very much appreciated.

4 jen garner

9 prison break early s1

8 jericho, episodes 1-5

10 gilmore girls



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Jericho caps from dj_capslock, PB caps from Break Free gallery

textures from tre, meivoicis and blimey_icons

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Ballpoint pen sketch: Step by Step
Ballpoint pen sketch: Step by Step

After the big ballpoint pen sketches entry I did about one week ago, I thought it would be interesting to show how those sketches were done, step by step. I decided to sketch live yesterday on Tumblr and to post all the steps one by one. What you can see above is a gif showing all the steps from the watercolor pencil outlines to the final product. If you want more detailed explanations click on the links below. 

Introduction & Tools of the Trade / Step 1 Step 2Step 3 / Step 4 / Step 5 / Step 6 / Step 7 / Step 8 /Step 9 / Step 10 / Gif gathering all the steps 

Technical questions asked by my followers: One /Two

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Ballpoint pen sketch: Step by Step

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